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Jason Dodd

EVP – Strategy & Corporate Development

With more than a decade of experience in Corporate Strategy and Development, Togetherwork Executive Vice President Jason Dodd leads Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. Jason has extensive experience working in both large public and private organizations driving strategy and corporate development initiatives.  His expertise and leadership have driven successful M&A transactions touching dozens of companies in his career. He has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to bring together buyers and sellers for the benefit of all.  

 An endurance athlete junkie, Jason has completed numerous Iron distance triathlons and ultramarathons. When not at the deal desk, he can typically be found training for a race or spending time outside with his family.

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Togetherwork’s devotion to helping communities flourish was born out of the minds of entrepreneurs and business owners. We believe in fostering an environment where we can attract the best talent and advance the brightest ideas. We know what kind of incredible things teams can accomplish when working together – because we’ve seen it work ourselves. 

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