Faith software that advances Synagogues, Day Schools, and Jewish Non-Profits.

We understand the unique needs and challenges you face as a faith-based organization and provide innovative software products to support your mission. Whether you’re a synagogue, day school, or Jewish non-profit, our software will help you manage a thriving, financially sound community.

Congregations have needs that often go unaddressed by generic software systems, that’s why Togetherwork products are designed specifically for your organization with advanced membership management capabilities, robust financial processes, and web tools to increase online engagement.

We’re passionate about supporting Jewish communities and helping congregations thrive across generations. Our software products help you manage a financially sound organization that can fulfill its mission of creating a meaningful and enriching community experience for all members.

Leading congregations use Togetherwork products to manage their communities.

Working with Kesef makes my job much easier. I can get the information I need, and readily share it with others who need to see it. They are very responsive.

Janet Cord, Esq.