Togetherwork Acquires Select-A-Sis, Bidlily, ICS and Greek Resource Services

Togetherwork, a leader in Group Management Software and Payments, today announced the acquisition of four companies, each focused on delivering services to the inter/national sororities and women’s fraternities that make up the National Panhellenic Conference. Select-A-Sis and Bidlily are the prime chapter recruitment tools used by sorority chapters across the US. ICS is the recruitment software counterpart used by Panhellenic Councils at hundreds of colleges and universities. Greek Resource Services offers premium accounting services to both sororities and fraternities.

The four recently acquired companies will be part of Togetherwork’s OmegaFi business unit, under the continued leadership of industry veteran Fred Maglione. These recent acquisitions, building on top of the acquisition of the GINsystem announced in August 2017, position OmegaFi as the preeminent software provider to both sororities and fraternities. With these mergers complete, OmegaFi offers the broadest product line in the industry. Its customer footprint covers 82% of fraternities and 70% of sororities.

“We help our customers by eliminating the complexity that arises from managing and integrating multiple different software vendors,” said Fred Maglione, CEO of OmegaFi. “Embedded software platforms with a broad range of products drive value for end users, increase adoption, improve the user experience and provide affinity for national organizations. Inevitably, when our customers’ members have a better digital experience and the organizations have more time to spend on mission-critical items, everyone wins.”

OmegaFi is in the process of converting a leading national sorority from a competing solution onto its new, expanded platform to go live Summer 2019, with several others in the pipeline. The company’s focus on selling a broad solution set to inter/national sororities is expected to deliver accelerated revenue growth in the near term.

“We anticipate robust sales results across all of OmegaFi’s service offerings,” said Togetherwork CEO, Neil Platt, “as both sororities and fraternities continue to recognize the value in both the scale and breadth that OmegaFi brings to the market.”

Togetherwork has acquired twenty-three companies as it builds a growing family of group management and payments software companies.