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Tara Pepper Copy

VP Administration

Tara Pepper began her career in the group management software industry over 20 years ago at Omega Financial, Inc. as it transitioned out of the startup-phase. The breadth of her responsibilities grew in proportion with the company. Tara is a focused leader whose expertise and success are rooted in experience with strategic organizational planning and growth management, process and policy improvement, resource and people management as well as cultural and performance development. Before embarking on a business career she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Auburn University and jokes that the associated logistics training has served her well over the years, particular during growth phases.

Tara revels in time with her family, especially on the lake. She has three sons and enjoys sending care packages to the soldier, cheering on the football player Friday nights in the fall, and helping all three with educational, career path and other important life choices. She muses at how applicable her experience in change management and professional development are in developing happy, successful young adults.

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