Group Leadership

Assembling a family of innovative companies, best-in-class in their respective
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SVP Corporate Development

Jesse leads Togetherwork’s corporate strategy and M&A processes. Prior to joining Togetherwork, he directed corporate development for the 9.8 Group and its portfolio of technology, media, healthcare, strategic advisory and communications businesses. A co-founder of Wemultiply, the 9.8 Group’s healthtech investment unit, Jesse was previously affiliated with Seidman & Co., Inc., a boutique investment bank focused on small- and mid-cap companies as well as international and cross-border transactions. As Vice President, Jesse was responsible for Seidman’s M&A, capital raise and advisory activities. Jesse’s earlier experience includes strategic, financial and operational consulting engagements with organizations including the United Nations, Major League Baseball, Met Life and Scripps Networks.

A natural swimmer and beach lover, his basketball game features a wicked crossover and a surprisingly smooth three point stroke.

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