Group Leadership

Assembling a family of innovative companies, best-in-class in their respective
verticals with strong management teams and commitment to customer service


Chief Operating Officer

An attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the fintech and nonprofit management industry, Fred serves dual roles as CEO of OmegaFi and COO of Togetherwork. Advising software companies, consulting with nonprofits, expanding payment processing solutions, developing management systems, raising money and enhancing the customer experience are all part of his job.

Away from work, Fred enjoys time with his wife and their two energetic sons. As often as possible, they travel to visit their extended family scattered throughout the United States. Fred also finds time to cheer for his favorite football team – the Florida State Seminoles!

Should we talk ?

We are actively looking for successful companies to joinTogetherwork and help us build the future. Please contact (888) 554-6634 or for more information.