Our Model

You continue to build your company, we accelerate your growth

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Identify Market Leaders

  • Strong position in vertical
  • Profitable and Committed to Growth
  • Large, untapped payment flows
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Provide Liquidity + Upside

  • Take some value off the table today
  • Share in upside of holding company
  • Continue to run company
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Accelerate Growth

  • Move payments in house to Togetherwork processing platform
  • Reduce processing costs and improve service delivery

our difference

What’s Different About Togetherwork

  • Your company continues to grow on its own, while benefiting from the scale and resources of the holding group and its sister businesses
  • Incentives for growing your business, keep you meaningfully invested in your company's execution
  • Success of the holding company as a whole provides additional upside, beyond what you could expect to earn stand-alone


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Togetherwork companies have common characteristics, including a strong position in a specific market

Market Position

  • Innovator in SaaS for a vertical
  • Leader in customer service
  • Loyal and happy customers

Large Untapped Payment Flows

  • Payments execution key element in core software service
  • Outsourced to 3rd party today, with no or little contribution to business

Deep Market Expertise

  • Product customized to specific market needs
  • Strong Relationships
  • Founder with roots in market

Companies benefit through accelerated growth

  • Track record of growth and profitability
  • Founder managed, with little outside capital

Entrepreneurs benefit because we provide liquidity today with incentives to earn more

A lot of your net worth and liquid assets may be tied up in your company

  • Take some value off the table today, close within 6 weeks
  • Earn additional value by continuing to grow your company profitably
  • De-risk your portfolio and your legacy

Join a network of likeminded owners that have built companies similar to yours. As a member of the Togetherwork President’s council, help drive strategy and execution for the holding company

Share in the upside potential from the scale of Togetherwork holding company

Companies benefit through accelerated growth

Turn payments into a profit contribution

  • Move payments in house to Togetherwork processing platform
  • Reduce processing costs and improve service delivery

Access shared sales & marketing, back office, and technology resources

Should we talk ?

We are actively looking for successful companies to joinTogetherwork and help us build the future. Please contact (888) 554-6634 or info@togetherwork.com for more information.