European Employee Benefits

Benefits for Employees in the United Kingdom

Togetherwork offers a full spectrum of benefits — from your health and well-being, life goals, and peace of mind — our exciting benefits, and perks are designed to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.

Benefits include:

  • Health, Dental, and Optical
  • Inpatient & Day Patient Cover​
  • Cancer Cover​
  • Outpatient Cover​
  • Therapies​
  • Mental Health
  • Worldwide Travel Cover​
  • Group Life Insurance​
  • Pension Plan​
  • Paid Leave ​

“I sought out Gingr as an employer because of the incredible experience I had as a client, and that experience has continued into my employment. The company is truly transparent and open to any changes that could improve our methods. Every member of the team is willing to help their peers at any opportunity – we are all here for the clients, and collaboration is an essential part of that. This company has a very healthy culture and willing to be flexible to benefit our work/life balance.”

Julia Chauvin

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