Joseph Garappolo, a cofounder of Doubleknot, formed the company to provide technology solutions and services to nonprofits and visitor-serving organizations. Prior to Doubleknot, Joe founded and served as CEO of a technology company sold in 2000, and before that as a consulting partner with a Big 5 accounting firm.

Joe served as a volunteer for nonprofits, including the Boy Scouts of America, and as a fundraising volunteer for community schools.

In 1998, Joe’s passion for Scouting and technology came together when he realized that Scout councils and similar organizations could take advantage of economies of scale to implement processes and solutions that would otherwise be out of their financial reach.

At its launch, Doubleknot focused on online event registration and payment solutions for Scout councils. Since then, Doubleknot has expanded its clientele to support a wide range of additional kinds of nonprofits and visitor-serving organizations across the United States including zoos, museums, science centers, nature centers and botanical gardens. At the same time, Doubleknot remains the leading registration and property reservations solutions vendor for both the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA.

  • Q: What was the key factor in your decision to sell Doubleknot to Togetherwork?A: Over the years, potential buyers often approached us. What made us sell Doubleknot to Togetherwork, as opposed to the others, was not only the personal financial gain but also the opportunity to grow the Doubleknot brand and offering. We continue to be entrepreneurs running our business, while at the same time getting the benefits of being part of a large organization.
  • Q: What aspirations do you have for your business today?A: My aspirations today are much the same as they ever were—to offer outstanding technology and customer support aimed at solving real problems. The difference is that now we can accelerate our growth and solicit a larger group of talented people for ideas and strategy.
  • Q: What is the biggest fear you had when selling your company? How do you feel about that today?A: My biggest fears were losing control of the company I built and being micromanaged by a corporation, neither of which happened. While we now have some additional reporting requirements, the benefits of being part of Togetherwork unequivocally outweigh these minor changes in our business processes.

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