Winnipeg, MB, Canada


UnionWare is a comprehensive system that lets you track membership, grievances, organizing campaigns, events, dues processing and so much more. With powerful search and reporting capabilities, you’ll always be able to find what you need and get your work done more efficiently than ever before.


UnionWare was founded in the early nineties to serve the back office and administrative needs of major unions in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Growth and profitability have been consistent since inception as has its deep relationship with its clients and the union movement in general. In recent years its offerings have extended to products and tools for union reps and organizers to assist with recruitment of new members and the engagement of existing members. UnionWare has a unionized work force now in the 6th collective agreement.

pointsGrowth Opportunity

Continuing to help more unions throughout North America, with additional focus into Australia and the United Kingdom, while adding more modules and services for our existing clients.

pointsFavorite thing about TogetherWork

We value the respect they have demonstrated for our history, culture, staff, clients, and that they bring drinks and snacks when they come to visit.

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We are actively looking for successful companies to join Togetherwork and help us build the future.

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We are actively looking for successful companies to joinTogetherwork and help us build the future. Please contact (888) 554-6634 or for more information.