Assembling a family of innovative companies, best-in-class in their respective verticals with strong management teams and commitment to customer service
Recreation & Schools
Capturepoint is the leading registration management software for recreation departments and schools districts
Export our success in NJ to 49 additional states.
Pet Services
Gingr is the leading edge business management software for facility-based pet services.
Reaching and serving more of the pet services market through increased marketing and accelerated feature development.
Faith Based (Synagogue)
Chaverware is the Gold Standard in Synagogue Membership Software.
Expand product line and reach, while enhancing payment processing platform.
Pennington & Co
A recognized leader in fraternity and sorority fundraising, Pennington & Company serves 680 chapters representing 140 campuses.
Cross-selling services with other Togetherwork companies in the fraternal space.
Fraternal Organizations
OmegaFi's powerful tools enable fraternities and sororities to operate with unbeatable efficiency.
Expanding the technology and solutions we offer to fraternal organizations.
Camp Management
Leader in camp management software for faith-based camps, CircuiTree serves more than 500,000 campers annually.
Expanding footprint to for-profit, private camps.
Zoos, Museums, Nature Centers & Scouting
Doubleknot delivers fully integrated registration, reservations, membership, ticketing and admissions software and point-of-sale solutions for nonprofits.
Expanding use of member-centric, smart point-of-sale technology.
Camp Management
Leading provider of parent portal software to camps, Bunk1 is used by more than 160,000 parents in the summer season.
Cross-selling services with other Togetherwork camp management companies.
ABC Sports Camps
Camp Management
A pioneer in online tools for coach sponsored sports camps, ABC Sports Camps serves several hundred coaches and more than 100,000 campers annually.
Work with Togetherwork technology team to launch a new, state-of-the-art technology platform.

entrepreneur profile

Joe Garappolo

CEO Doubleknot

Joseph Garappolo, a cofounder of Doubleknot, formed the company to provide technology solutions and services […]

Tom Newberry

President CircuiTree

While attending Auburn University, Tom worked as a counselor for Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, MO. […]

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