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Jesse Williamson

SVP Corporate Development

Jesse leads Togetherwork’s corporate strategy and M&A processes. Prior to joining Togetherwork, he directed corporate development for the 9.8 Group and its portfolio of technology, media, healthcare, strategic advisory and communications businesses. A co-founder of Wemultiply, the 9.8 Group’s healthtech investment unit, Jesse was previously affiliated with Seidman & Co., Inc., a boutique investment bank focused on small- and mid-cap companies as well as international and cross-border transactions. As Vice President, Jesse was responsible for Seidman’s M&A, capital raise and advisory activities. Jesse’s earlier experience includes strategic, financial and operational consulting engagements with organizations including the United Nations, Major League Baseball, Met Life and Scripps Networks.

A natural swimmer and beach lover, his basketball game features a wicked crossover and a surprisingly smooth three point stroke.

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Togetherwork’s devotion to helping communities flourish was born out of the minds of entrepreneurs and business owners. We believe in fostering an environment where we can attract the best talent and advance the brightest ideas. We know what kind of incredible things teams can accomplish when working together – because we’ve seen it work ourselves. 

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